Strangle Hold


54-year-old Inspector Jadeja from Vadodara is a blue-blooded policeman with a history of a short temper and good case closure record. As he is on a customary trip to Kutch, he is informed of a strangling nearby with a coded message on the body for him. The murder resembles the serial killings mimicking the thugs of the yesteryear that had taken thirteen victims in Vadodara twenty years ago. It looks like someone from Jadeja's past has returned with a vengeance. He joins hands with Sub Inspector Iqbal Virani and a tenacious and stunning young reporter, Tejal Bhagat to get to the bottom of the crimes. As the bodies pile up with more disturbing messages to Jadeja, it is plainly evident that the killer is after Jadeja. Can the trio solve the case in time? 

Who is Vikram?

 Vikram Jadeja had to be born. There is no point in getting common men to fight supermen. Samar Kaushal, the protagonist of my first novel Flash Point, is an extremely strong single minded person. So, Vikram was born. Although he was there from the beginning of the book idea, he wasn't so strong in my mind. Unlike now! 

A strong, almost ruthless, independent, unforgiving policeman, who never climbed the ranks nor did he ever bother about about them.

Born: 1963

Place: Bhuj, Gujarat

Lineage: Royal

Temper: Extremely Low

Patience level: Sub Zero

Family: None

Work: Inspector, Gujarat Police

Location: Vadodara

Awards: President's Medal